Sunday, 5 July 2015

26/52 &27/52

I forgot to post last week, I blame the crazy start to the summer holidays!!

last day of term, phew!

Off to Grandma and Grandad's Ruby Wedding celebrations!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Summer Dress from an Old Sheet

Don't faint, this dress is less than 72 hours old and is appearing here! I have been planning a dress like this for over a year but after a failed attempt at bodice fitting last year I gave up for a while.

I bought the burda block patterns this time last year and made up the bodice. According to measurements I had to do a fairly large FBA, but, this made the bodice massive and I couldn't be bothered working out why! Since then I have lost a wee bit of weight so decided to try again. I made the top in the largest size (16?) and after a few tweaks it was almost perfect!

The pattern alterations I did:
  • lengthened the bodice by 2 inches
  • dropped the bust dart by 1 inch
  • moved waist darts towards center by 1 inch
  • added bust darts
  • lifted shoulder seam by 1 inch
  • reduced slope on shoulder
I then scooped out the back and front more to get the look I wanted.

That looks like a lot of adjustments when I write it all down! I made 3 muslins and for number 4 I cut into an old patterned flat sheet that I got for £1.49 from a charity shop. 

I had to line the dress as the sheet was quite thin, but I am so please with how it turned out!

I have absolutely no idea when I will wear the dress, husband thinks I need an invite to a vicar's tea party (!) but I am going to use the pattern to try another dress with a pleated skirt and one with a circle skirt. I have lots of party dress fabric in my stash that my parent's have bought me and finally some of it will get used. If only I went to parties...!

Monday, 15 June 2015


The kids went exploring in the woods/field opposite. A large, recently felled, tree provided a great playground!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Many Renfrew Tops!

Anyone else on a come down after Me Made May?! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's outfits every day and have a long wish list of patterns now!

The main thing it highlighted for me was my lack of self coloured tops, the two I wear most oftem are heading for the recycling as they are well past their best!

The only solution was to do more sewing, oh what a shame...!

I bought some interlock jersey on ebay, not organic or fairtrade but made in the UK so hopefully better than some fabrics. I deliberately chose interlock as I figure it will look like a normal top but have extra warmth of the slightly thicker knit which can never be a bad thing in Scotland!

I made this version first, size 12 over bust going to 10 over hips but it is a wee bit big.

This one is a straight 10 and fits perfectly. It will soon be joined by a cream and navy version when sewing time allows!

To combat all the plain fabric I went mad and made another 2 in floral.

This one used the left over fabric from my Lady Skater. Imaginative cutting was needed to squeeze it in to the remaining fabric, you can't tell now it is made up though.

This one is Liberty jersey from ebay, I had it in my basket for weeks and finally gave in. It was £9.99 for the meter but I love it!

I think my only sewing plan for June will be to make a bodice block so I can make myself a summer dress for my holidays in July. I have started a small business doing alterations/mending/custom clothing and sewing kits so most of my time is going into that at the moment. There has been a fair bit of interest in the alterations and mending which is keeping me busy. I seem to have finally found something I can do from home, in my own time, and actually earn a bit of money from, phew! The thought of juggling childcare / children's activities / my Granny (who is 99 and very very demanding...) / spending time with my Mum / and a proper job was giving me nightmares!

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