Sunday, 24 August 2014


little e: pleased with herself about the size of her play doh tower

Big E: Admiring some tiny baby peacocks!
Joining in with Jodi again for the 52 project.

Monday, 18 August 2014


little e: cowgirl! 

Big E: supposed to be tidying before bed....

Joining in with Jodi again for the 52 project.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

DIY Elsa from Frozen inspired head band

I love fabric flowers and have made lots of head bands with fabric flowers attached so I decided that was the way to go for the girls party bags at little e's frozen party. I hate waste, especially the toys you normally get to put in party bags that end up in landfill a week later, so, Elsa inspired head bands for the girls it was!

If you want to make head bands (alice bands) I got mine on ebay, but you could also put the corsages on to hair clips.

To make the corsage:

Fold organza circles into quarters then stick 4 on to a small felt circle with hot glue. then stick a felt snowflake in the middle and stick a rhinestone in the middle of the snowflake. The corsage is stuck to the head band with a small blob of hot glue as well.

They were very well received and worked out at less than £1 to make so cheap as well as useful!

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

What a crazy week, I have been in party / back to school mode and I think I need a holiday to recover!

Little e was 6 on Friday, how 6 years have passed I have no idea but all of a sudden our little girl isn't so little any more :( She is Frozen daft so wanted a Frozen birthday party for her friends. We had it on Saturday and it was a simple affair - 14 children, 1 bouncy castle, 2 organised games (stick the nose on Olaf and frozen statues, no photos of these as all the kids are in them) and some food.

I had been madly pinning Frozen party ideas which was probably a mistake as my effort looks lame in comparison but here are some pics of the day:

These are 2 marshmallows, a chocolate stick broken in half, some raisins
and a bit of dried apricot cut into a triangle. They went in the party bags.

Frozen Hearts

Food - Melted Snow, Olaf noses, snowflake biscuits, snowballs, frozen hearts and fairy cakes.

Olaf on the beach cake
The cake was a night before job. Little e requested an Olaf on the beach cake so that is what she got! I used this how to to help getting the shape of Olaf's face correct, it worked not too badly. The sand is crushed digestives and I used a flower garland round the cake. If I had had time I would have piped the surf but just stuck on a sausage of fondant instead...!

Finally, here are the labels I made for the various food, if you click on them they will come up full size and then you can right click and save them so you can print and use them as well!

Use this on small bottles of water.
Put it into a word document and make the correct size for your bottles!


white chocolate coated strawberries

I put this on the party bags

I made Elsa inspired hair bands for the party bags but I will do a separate post about that.

Now to recover from the party and get ready for back to school tomorrow!!

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Sunday, 10 August 2014


little e : Birthday girl!

Big E: Fun on the bouncy castle

Joining in with Jodi again for the 52 project.

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