Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Nervous anticipation

Rainbow Falls - Skye
I am sitting here, well past my bed time, unable to switch  my brain off. Tomorrow is the day that  people living in Scotland get to decide whether to remain part of the UK or become an independent country. What a responsibility.

There is 49/51 ish divide in the population at the moment and I am nervous that all will not be well after tomorrows referendum. Will the 49% of the country that looses be gracious in their defeat or will there be anger and accusations flying around?

My hope is, whatever the outcome, Scotland does not remain the divided country that it seems to have become.

See you on the other side!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Super simple blouse alteration

There seems to be a trickle of unwanted clothing in to my house at the moment and it is stressing me, my suitcase of items to refashion has turned into a suitcase + a pile by the bed + a pile by the sewing machine!

Then main source of the clothes is my Mum. She is a clothes fiend and my constant gently nagging about cheap clothes and the poor people who make them is not working all that well... When she decides things don't suit / fit properly, I can't bear to see them wasted. Someone has made these clothes, some almost certainly earning below a living wage, in factories where the conditions are awful, so I think it is my duty to at least wear the clothes.

My Mum is a couple of sizes bigger than me so everything needs altered. I started with the easy things, the first was a blouse.

It started very baggy and making me look massive!

All I did was take it in from the upper arm then down the side seams. I kept it loose so I can comfortably wear a top underneath, it is very sheer!

It is still not very flattering but fills the 'smart/casual evening' gap in my wardrobe nicely, in fact it had its first outing last night!

Now for the next thing, a pair of jeans.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Big E and Angus (his doggy cousin!)

little e: finally riding her new bike after she convinced herself it was too big!

Joining in with Jodi again for the 52 project.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

DIY Elsa Dress

This is my second Elsa Dress, version one including a tutorial can be found here. I made this in July for little e's 6th birthday party at the start of August, it was a hit!

This time the spec was a proper Elsa dress... i.e. skirt with a split and sheer blue material on top!

All my fabrics are from ebay and go against all the ethical fabric buying rules I have set myself but you don't get organic fairtrade sparkly material so I suppose ethics have to take a back seat sometimes... The sheer blue is stretchy power mesh used in underwear, sequin stuff is also stretchy and the skirt is stretchy satin.

I used a kids t-shirt pattern and cut the mesh out as the pattern but shortened it to be to the waist.

I then cut the sequins using the sheer blue as a template and curved the top slightly. I forgot to make the waist a v shape - next time! Sequins were then sewn over the sheer and the snowflake organza added in the seam between the sequins and mesh on the back. The top was then made as you would any t-shirt and the neck was rolled on the overlocker.

I then measured the waist and used them measurement to free hand a maxi length skirt to attach to the bodice. I obviously can't measure because I messed up and made my skirt too small... I cut the skirt on the fold and just put the seam at the front and didn't sew all the way down. The edge of the slit is hemmed as usual.
It is not perfect but stood up to two days of constant wear, one of which was spend jumping on a bouncy castle!

Queen Elsa now wants an Anna costume for Christmas (and I secretly really really want to make myself Anna's coronation dress, if only I had a ball to go to!).

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A late thank you!

This post is shamefully late but I won a giveaway in the summer and received this box of goodies from Carol from Tales from Spring Cottage.

Carol's daughter also made the kids a loom band each which they love!

Thanks Carol!

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