Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The quest for the perfect trouser...

I am on a mission to make the 'perfect' trouser. So far I have failed. I thought I was on to a winner when I bought V8961, this is the picture in the latest Sew Today magazine:

They look slim but not skinny and have a side zip so a nice clean line. I bought some navy and white polka dot cotton to make them in but did a trial run in a black cotton I had in the stash. Thank goodness I did as they are not exactly as pictured...

I didn't take a photo in the original state but at first I cut a 16 at the waist and went down to a 14 for the hips and legs. They were baggy in the legs, not at all how the official picture looks, and had enough room in the front crotch that I could have hidden anything down there....

I ended up taking them in up the front crotch seam and tapered the outer leg seam in so it is narrower than the size 8 at the hem. This is what they look like now:

They are ok, wearable, but just ok. There is still loads of excess fabric at the back of the leg and at mid thigh. I'm now undecided whether to actually use this pattern at all or try and draft my own. I bought the burda pattern blocks so think maybe this is the way to go.

Anyone have any suggestions to fix this pattern or on drafting my own?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Late again this week, never mind!

Taken last Monday at Tantallon Castle. They like nothing better than a ruined castle to run around!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Lady Skater 5

I think I have a problem, last month I made lady skater dresses 5 & 6.....Only one worked though, this blue flowery one.

I bought a load of jersey from someone selling their stash on ebay a while ago, it included this floral one and a textured maroon one. Both fabrics were destined to be Lady Skaters, one winter one and one spring one....

It was only when I was sewing it up the maroon version that I realised its stretch goes the wrong way... It has vertical stretch but not horizontal, very very strange. Unfortunately it means the dress looks like a sausage skin on me and is now destined for my much smaller friend!

odd face - was speaking to E who was my photographer for the day.
The floral jersey is very light weight and has lots of stretch, maybe a little stretchy, but I love it. I have worn it loads already although I am struggling to choose shoes to go with it when I can't wear my boots anymore - any suggestions? I love shoes but they don't love me so I have very few...

I think I should probably stop making skater dresses for a while now, unless that perfect jersey comes along of course :)

Friday, 10 April 2015

A Renfrew

I realise I am very very late to this party but I finally bought the Renfrew pattern! It has been on my wish list since it was released but I held out and got it in the sale Sewaholic had a few months ago. It certainly has not disappointed.

This version is a wearable muslin to check fit so I used some sparkly jersey I got on ebay a while ago (I didn't realise it was a sparkly when I bought it, the joys of ebay). The fabric is scratchy , does not press and generally not very nice so it will have to be a winter top to wear with a top underneath type of top!

I cut a 10 over the hips grading to a 12 at the bust and it turned out perfectly. I love jersey :)

I have plans for a few more of these and need to get a move on since I have signed up for Me Made May again this year. Panic sewing, me, never!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

14/52 - Easter Sunday

What a lovely day, warm, sunny, family and chocolate, what more could you want?  Hope you have all had a lovely day as well.

We had a egg hunt in the garden

I chose some good hiding spots!

We had our traditional Easter pavlova, with cream and blueberries this year (I ran out of mini eggs - disaster) and far far too much chocolate, I will not be standing on the scales for a while!

Best of all though we were all together, Mum even made it to church this morning!

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