Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A wee dress...that will probably never be worn...

Little e - queen of fussy dressers (and eaters but that is a whole other topic..) requested a dress. Yes, the girl who will only wear dresses if they are jersey fabric and not made by me actually asked me to make her a dress.

She chose this pattern

 and some pink gingham fabric with flowers printed on it.

I had to shortened the skirt by about 1/3 of the length as it was proper party dress length and she doesn't like dresses below the knee. Also, I lined the bodice which hides some of the scratchy seams...

It looks nice on the hanger, if only I knew what it looked like on, but of course she says it is a party dress and there have been no parties to go to yet...

My bets are that it is never worn and ends up as a gift for one of our friends daughters.

Oh well, it was nice of her to ask..


  1. It's really pretty though, and now she can't say you never make her anything! I hope she does get an opportunity to wear it though!

  2. It's a sweet dress, and maybe she'll change her mind and want to wear it another day. My kids are a lot like that, too. One minute they're super excited about the fabric and the pattern, but by the time it's finished they aren't as excited. I will have to say that letting my daughter pick everything about her clothes has actually lead to her wearing more of what I sew, so maybe there's hope.

    1. I am ever hopeful that it will grow on her since she chose everything! A x